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CookieConsent is a free, open-source plugin which allows you to manage scripts — and consequently cookies — in full GDPR fashion. It is written in vanilla js and can be integrated in any web platform/framework.

Is CookieConsent the right tool for you?

Overview of the main cons/drawbacks you should be aware of:

CookieConsent requires basic knowledge of javascript
CookieConsent does not have default categories or translations
CookieConsent is not a CMP
CookieConsent does not store Consent Records
CookieConsent does not implement the IAB Framework - TCF

Google Ads related products

Google Ad Sense, Ad Manager and Ad Mob will no longer work with CookieConsent starting from January 2024. Read more.

CookieConsent v2 or v3?

Both versions are very similar but there a few key differences:


Supports older browsers such as IE10
Is in maintenance mode (only bugfix updates)


Simpler/Clearer API and config. parameters
Wider variety of layouts and button arrangements
More flexible script management options
Supports individually togglable Services
UMD and ESM variants
Supports modern browsers only

More questions?

Check the FAQ section or open a new discussion on github.

Released under the MIT License.