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Issues you might encounter and possible fixes.

Missing Web Server

Check your path in the browser window, and make sure it begins with either http or https. If it is something else, chances are that you haven't set-up a Web Server.

Incorrect paths

Verify that all paths — pointing to the files — are correct.

Some cookies are not deleted

Check the cookie's path and domain and make sure they match your configuration.

Some services — such as GA4 — might re create the deleted cookie and require you to explicitly disable the tracking using their own API.

Some cookies are not deleted on subdomains

Some services set their cookies in the main domain even if you are on a sub-domain. The plugin is unaware of this and just searches for cookies in the current sub-domain.

You have to manually specify the domain field within each cookie declared in the autoClear object. See the categories.autoClear section.

Released under the MIT License.