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Revision management

You can enable the revision management if you need to refresh the consent due to a change your cookie/privacy policy.

  • revision number (default = 0)

Enable revisions

To enable revisions, you just need to specify a valid revision number in your configuration:

    revision: 1


The new revision number must be different from the current revision number.

Once enabled, users who had already consented to revision 0, will be prompted again for consent.

Revision message

Optionally, you can also set a revision message to let your users know what has changed since the last time they visited.

  1. Add a revisionMessage field inside consentModal
  2. Specify the {{revisionMessage}} placeholder inside consentModal.description
    revision: 1,

    language: {
        // ...
        translations: {
            en: {
                consentModal: {
                    description: 'Modal description. <br> {{revisionMessage}}',
                    revisionMessage: "Hi, we've made some changes to our cookie policy since the last time you visited!",
                    // ...
                // ...

Released under the MIT License.