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UI Customization

You can extensively customize both the color scheme and the layout, based on your needs.


Allows you to tweak the modal's and button's layout/position. Check the dedicated section for all available options.


Each modal has a different set of possible layouts and positions. A layout may also have one or more variants.

Default configuration:

guiOptions: {
    consentModal: {
        layout: 'box',
        position: 'bottom right',
        flipButtons: false,
        equalWeightButtons: true
    preferencesModal: {
        layout: 'box',
        // position: 'left right',
        flipButtons: false,
        equalWeightButtons: true

Color schemes

The plugin ships with both a light (default) and a dark theme.

Enable dark color scheme

The dark theme can be enabled by adding the cc--darkmode class to the html element. You could also use javascript to toggle the dark mode on/off:


Custom color scheme

You can develop your own theme by modifying/overriding the available css variables:

    /* Default light color scheme */
    --cc-bg: #ffffff;
    --cc-primary-color: #2c2f31;
    --cc-secondary-color: #5e6266;

    --cc-btn-primary-bg: #30363c;
    --cc-btn-primary-color: #ffffff;
    --cc-btn-primary-border-color: var(--cc-btn-primary-bg);
    --cc-btn-primary-hover-bg: #000000;
    --cc-btn-primary-hover-color: #ffffff;
    --cc-btn-primary-hover-border-color: var(--cc-btn-primary-hover-bg);

    --cc-btn-secondary-bg: #eaeff2;
    --cc-btn-secondary-color: var(--cc-primary-color);
    --cc-btn-secondary-border-color: var(--cc-btn-secondary-bg);
    --cc-btn-secondary-hover-bg: #d4dae0;
    --cc-btn-secondary-hover-color: #000000;
    --cc-btn-secondary-hover-border-color: #d4dae0;

    --cc-separator-border-color: #f0f4f7;

    --cc-toggle-on-bg: var(--cc-btn-primary-bg);
    --cc-toggle-off-bg: #667481;
    --cc-toggle-on-knob-bg: #ffffff;
    --cc-toggle-off-knob-bg: var(--cc-toggle-on-knob-bg);

    --cc-toggle-enabled-icon-color: var(--cc-bg);   // yes (v tick)
    --cc-toggle-disabled-icon-color: var(--cc-bg);  // no (x tick)

    --cc-toggle-readonly-bg: #d5dee2;
    --cc-toggle-readonly-knob-bg: #fff;
    --cc-toggle-readonly-knob-icon-color: var(--cc-toggle-readonly-bg);

    --cc-section-category-border: var(--cc-cookie-category-block-bg);

    --cc-cookie-category-block-bg: #f0f4f7;
    --cc-cookie-category-block-border: #f0f4f7;
    --cc-cookie-category-block-hover-bg: #e9eff4;
    --cc-cookie-category-block-hover-border: #e9eff4;
    --cc-cookie-category-expanded-block-bg: transparent;
    --cc-cookie-category-expanded-block-hover-bg: #dee4e9;

    --cc-overlay-bg: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.541);
    --cc-webkit-scrollbar-bg: var(--cc-section-category-border);
    --cc-webkit-scrollbar-hover-bg: var(--cc-btn-primary-hover-bg);

    --cc-footer-bg: var(--cc-btn-secondary-bg);
    --cc-footer-color: var(--cc-secondary-color);
    --cc-footer-border-color: #e4eaed;

    --cc-link-color: var(--cc-btn-primary-bg);

    /*A few more */
    --cc-font-family: -apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,"Segoe UI",Roboto,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif,"Apple Color Emoji","Segoe UI Emoji","Segoe UI Symbol";
    --cc-modal-margin: 1em;
    --cc-modal-border-radius: .6em;
    --cc-modal-transition-duration: .25s;
    --cc-btn-gap: 5px;
    --cc-btn-border-radius: .5em;
    --cc-pm-toggle-border-radius: 4em;

How to use CSS variables:

  1. Create a new .css file (or declare the style inline using the <style> tag)
  2. Overwrite existing css variables:
     #cc-main {
         /** Change font **/
         --cc-font-family: Roboto;
         /** Change button primary color to black **/
         --cc-btn-primary-bg: #000000;
         --cc-btn-primary-border-color: #000000;
         --cc-btn-primary-hover-bg: #444444;
         --cc-btn-primary-hover-border-color: #444444;
         /** Also make toggles the same color as the button **/
         --cc-toggle-on-bg: var(--cc-btn-primary-bg);
         /** Make the buttons a bit rounder **/
         --cc-btn-border-radius: 10px;

Released under the MIT License.